About us

Fung Ming Ribbon Industrial Limited / Great Unioin Development Company

was established in 1998, accumulated many years of experiences in producing high quality ribbons. Our technicians had been well trained in Japan for many years, excel at making Japanese quality ribbons. Both the dyeing and weaving technologies achieve the world highest standard, the qualities are reliable and stable.

We have 120 Swiss high speed shuttleless looms, 60 custom-made shuttle looms, the capacity is 3 times of a normal shuttle. We are proud of our products as we use import dyestuff from Germany, coordinating with technician's rich experiences and skills and with our high temperature high pressure dyeing equipments, in addition, using a jumbo setting machine to complete the final processes. As we have those technologies, facilities and capable staffs, enable us to produce rich color and high color fastness ribbons, fully satisfy customers from Japan, UA, the European Union countries as well as those customers concern about both environmental and quality.